Available Granites

Number Name Description Grade
2 Cement Grey with black specks Fine
21 White White with black specks Coarse
30F Almond White with almond & black specks Fine
39 Sandstone Grey with almond, black & white specks Coarse
40 Grey Dark grey with white & black specks Coarse
41 Black Black with white specks Coarse
50 Raspberry White with raspberry & black specks Coarse
51 Brick Red with black & white specks Coarse
60 Mint White with mint specks Coarse
71 Blue White with blue specks Coarse
75 Navy Navy with black & white specks Coarse
725 Denim White with blue specs Coarse


RBC offers a line of granite powders great for use in epoxies - specks included!

We have 12 granite powders, each with different colors, sizes, and specks to give you the look of genuine granite without the expense or labor.

Our granites are easy to mix with our Clear #1011 resin and B-31C/7.5 Hardener.  Try mixing in a dash of transparent color to give your mix a deeper color.  For example, mix 5 grams of Clear #1011, 1 gram of Deep Sapphire 206-763, and 3 grams of Hardener  B-31C/7.5 with 9 grams of #725 Denim Granite for a great denim look to your jewelry - straight out of a magazine!