Clear Coats

RBC has a full line of clear coats that are ideal for use as decorative and protective coatings for applications such as doming pictures, labels, and magnets, and as a coating for bar tops.

Each of our clear coats has unique characteristics to meet our customers’ individual requirements.

Clear Coat Products

Medium viscosity resin with excellent clarity. It is ideal for use as a decorative and protective coating for aplications such as doming labels, pictures, and magnets, and as a protective coating for bar tops.

Low viscosity, semi-flexible resin with excellent clarity and air release properties. The built in flexibility affords improved abrasion resistance with superior shock resistance.

Medium viscosity, flexible resin with excellent clarity and air release properties. This is the perfect system for jobs that require flexibility and shock resistance, such as doming pictures, labels, and magnets.

Medium viscosity, ultra-clear resin that exhibits excellent air release properties and improved UV resistance. Our most widely used system, it is ideal wherever improved flow characteristics and UV resistance are required, such as protective coatings on pictures and labels. It is also an excellent system for coating bar tops.

Low viscosity resin with excellent air release properties.  It is primarily used as a coating on parts that are intricate in detail, such as emblematic jewelry, belt buckles, or any flat pieces with borders.  Can also be pigmented to any color for your decorative applications.  It may also be used for adhesive and casting applications. 

The products listed in this chart constitute just some of the products in our standard line, additional products may be found in our Resources Section. In addition, samples are readily available upon request. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our technical staff can also work with you to create a custom formulation to meet your specific requirements. If you have any additional questions or require any samples, please fill out our Online Information Request Form and someone from our staff will get back to you right away.