RBC Industries, Inc. offers a complete line of industrial dispensing components for all types of liquids & pastes.

  • Disposable Stainless Steel Needles: 1/2″ long with a variety of gauge sizes. View Options
  • Disposable Pneumatic Plastic Syringes: precision molded in polypropylene, providing a safe, reliable method of dispensing all types of liquids and pastes. Learn more
  • Slimline Syringe: Revolutionary New Slimline Syringe and Adapter Assembly (patent applied for) Now available in 10CC and 30CC sizes. Thinner, streamlined syringe allows for increased comfort. It’s almost like using a pen! New universal light weight adapter head provides easier handling especially in production! Unique double seal guarantees a snug fit, easier cleanup, and safer protection against blow-ups!
  • Model 7000 Pneumatic Dispenser: Designed for non-critical, operator-controlled applications. Comes complete with gauge, regulator bracket, foot pedal, male & female quick connects, tubing, fittings and adapter.
  • Adapter with flexible hose and connector: The perfect connection between the dispensing machine and syringe by way of a quick connect, flexible hose and adapter.
  • Adaptors: We can supply adapters from most major manufacturerers. Be sure to tell us the adapter size and syringe type you need when ordering.
  • Protective Gloves
  • Model 7000 Pneumatic Dispenser
  • Stirrers
  • Cups
  • Rubber O’Rings
  • Plunger and Stoppers
  • Squeeze Bottles, FD, & Yorker Caps