Stunning Quality

Epoxy for all your decorative needs.

RBC has long been the world’s leading epoxy manufacturer when it comes to decorative epoxies. Our custom color matching ability is second to none and our seasonal palette of colors is consistently at the forefront of predicting future fashions and illustrating current trends. 

This has made RBC far and away the definitive source of color coatings for jewelry applications. Within our full-line of two-part systems there is a product to meet almost any end-use or working need. We have systems that can be air dried, baked or both, systems that are flexible, rigid and everything in between, systems that are designed for domed or curved surfaces, systems that can be cast in rubber molds or used for embedments, systems that can be ground, tooled and polished, as well as systems that can create special effects (such as metallic or stone-looks).

RBC has also created an impeccable reputation in the arena of clear protective coatings and doming. RBC has been able to distinguish itself by providing vastly superior products while still meeting the pricing of our low-end, me-too competitors. All of our clear coats are designed with optical clarity and resilience in mind. In addition to utilizing air release agents that our competitors consider too pricey, RBC’s clear coats all incorporate UV stabilization methods to help fight off damaging UV rays and retain the original look of the coating as well as the coated surface.

To round out our decorative epoxies we offer a full line of polyesters, silicones, adhesives and UV cureables as well as our award winning alternative to hard fire enamel; Durenamel®. In addition, in an effort to supply our customers with complete service and one-stop shopping, RBC offers a full-line of dispensing equipment, supplies and the educational tools that make using any of our systems easy, enjoyable and profitable. It’s simple, to be the best we have made a commitment to go above and beyond what the rest of the industry provides.

Color Cards

Our custom color matching ability is second to none and our color cards are samples and inspirations as to what can be done with epoxies.