Spotlight: Three UL Listed Epoxy Potting Compounds

Three of RBC Industries’ most popular epoxy potting compounds are formulated to meet the most stringent physical, thermal, and electrical properties for potting and encapsulating electronic components. Each system is UL listed (rated) for 94VO flame resistance and characterized by superior thermal shock/excellent moisture resistance, high heat distortion and exceptional thermal conductivity. Yet, while the strengths that make them so widely used are all similar, each of these epoxy potting compounds offers its own unique option in working properties and physical characteristics. The beauty of these three potting resin systems is that their shared strengths combined with their unique differences cover such a wide range of needs and applications, it makes it easy to pick a system that will work for you. In addition, users can feel comfortable knowing that each of these systems has longevity and a proven track record standing firmly behind it. These fine resin systems are recommended for potting and encapsulation of coils, transformers, capacitors, chokes, solenoids, modules and electronic circuitry.

RBC-4501: Medium Viscosity – 3 hour pot life – 24 hour R.T. cure or 3 hours @65oC – 87 Shore D Hardness – Black

RBC-4503: Low Viscosity – 30 minute pot life – 6 hour R.T. cure or 20 minutes @65oC – 87 Shore D Hardness – Black

RBC-POLY-570: Low Viscosity – 12 minute pot life – 1 hour R.T. cure or 15 minutes @65oC – 87 Shore D Hardness – Black

If you are looking for a UL listed epoxy potting compound, please refer to our technical data sheets for further details and more information on each of these resin systems.

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