RBC’s New Line of Water Based Inks

RBC’s new line of marking inks offers a safe, effective method for all types of identification marking and color code applications. These acrylic based inks are non-flammable and are low in VOC’s (1 pound per gallon). The inks are available in two formulations, room temperature cure or bake-on, to accommodate a variety of manufacturing processes.

WB 2040-M dries to the touch in 5-8 minutes at room temperature and provides superior adhesion to metals, glass, wood, ceramic, and many types of plastics.

WB 2100-M is recommended for applications which require optimal adhesion and improved solvent resistance. This low temperature bake-on formula cures in 30 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Both formula’s are available in twelve standard colors. Custom color matching is also available upon request. RBC’s new color code/marking inks are suitable for a variety of industrial marking applications including: automotive part marking, QC pass/reject marking, medical device marking, general color code marking.

These fine water based acrylic inks may be easily applied by Spray, Brush, Stamp or Dauber. Please refer to our technical data sheets for further details and more information on each of these systems.

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