RBC Industries Joins Twitter Social Networking Site

RBC Industries has joined Twitter and is one of the first epoxy manufacturers to take advantage of this technology. Twitter is a free service that can be used to keep customers, potential customers, general users of epoxies and other polymers, as well as the media updated on RBC Industries’ activities, products, releases and announcements on-the-go via the Internet and Phones thru Twitter’s SMS text messaging alert service.

Keeping the public updated on RBC Industries’ line and innovations is a priority of the company. This service will allow RBC to better connect with customers and those interested in purchasing and using the RBC product line to the best of their abilities. In addition, those that choose to utilize this service will occasionally receive RBCepoxy Twitter Only Specials on polymer products and accessories.

Go to www.twitter.com/rbcepoxy to join Twitter for free and receive real-time updates from members of the RBC Industries Team.

About RBC Industries
RBC Industries is one of the world’s fastest growing polymer formulators. Since its inception in 1976, RBC has become the premier epoxy resin manufacturer and is unparalleled in the formulation, manufacturing, dispensing and use of epoxy resins. RBC conducts business all over the world and offers a full line of standard formulations as well as the ability to custom formulate products utilizing a wide variety of polymers.

For Further Information Contact:
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