RBC History Revisited: The Polychem Acquisition

Warwick, RI – May 23, 2001 — RBC Industries, Inc. (privately held) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Polychem Corporation (privately held) product line. This move is indicative of RBC’s aggressive long-term business strategy, as well as our dedication to provide our customers with new, innovative products that meet their evolving needs.

Since the 1994 acquisition of Polychem’s decorative division, RBC has maintained a close relationship with Polychem Corporation. As this relationship blossomed, RBC became more familiar with the other products Polychem manufactured and the various markets that Polychem serviced. The acquisition of these products is an opportunity for RBC to solidify its product line and enter previously untapped markets.

Polychem’s product line and intimate knowledge of the craft, automotive, electronic, industrial and medical industries, coupled with RBC’s powerful, quickly maturing position in these fields, will firmly position RBC as the premiere source for these industries’ polymer solutions. In addition, the new technology that Polychem brings to the table is promising, exciting and limitless in potential. From unparalleled UV Curable technology to advanced chemistry in Waterborne Coating systems, RBC is now positioned to move into new emerging fields.

Mr. William Killen, former Polychem CEO, is being retained as a consultant for the advancement of the Polychem line and for his extensive chemical knowledge of the Polychem products. Likewise, Mrs. Karlene Kelly, newly named Sales Manager (Polychem Products), has joined the RBC team and will continue to provide former Polychem customers and new RBC customers the superior support for which she has become known.

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RBC Industries is one of the world’s fastest growing polymer formulators. Since its inception in 1976, RBC has become the premier epoxy resin manufacturer and is unparalleled in the formulation, manufacturing, dispensing and use of epoxy resins. RBC conducts business all over the world and offers a full line of standard formulations as well as the ability to custom formulate products utilizing a wide variety of polymers.

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