RBC Develops New Line of Blacklight Cure Resins

Warwick, RI – March 24, 2008 — While the use of epoxy UV resins as well as other types of uv curable polymer materials can offer compelling cost reductions in a number of manufacturing operations. However, the capital expenditure required for the high intensity lighting systems is often not an option for the manufacturer with budget constraints on a particular project or the smaller manufacturer. In addition, such an investment may not be justified due to low volume production runs. The introduction of RBC’s new line of Blacklight cure resins now opens this state of the art technology to most any manufacturer with a suitable application such as coating, bonding, tacking, doming, or encapsulating.

The primary benefit of light-curing (UV) resins is their extremely fast cure: minutes versus hours. Unlike traditional epoxies or silicones, these resins are single component and require no mixing or measuring. Because they are “cure on demand” there are no pot-life concerns, which eliminates costly waste. Increasing productivity, lowering labor costs, reducing in-process inventory and eliminating waste can translate to significant cost savings.

Most standard high intensity UV curing units can cost between $3,000 and $20,000 and while they can usually effect cures in 1-10 seconds, their cost is simply too prohibitive for some manufacturers. The low cost investment of a blacklight assembly ($200.00) may be easily justified as the cure time in most cases (15 minutes) is still significantly faster than traditional two component systems.

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