WB-5860 Sealer

, Water-Based Systems

WB-5860 is a safe, new water-based acrylic sealer/glue designed to both protect and seal most substrates including  wood, prints, photo’s, newspaper, plastics, fabrics, silk flowers, puzzles, etc. WB-5860 can be used with any number of RBC clear coat resins to seal in the beauty of your product quickly and safely. WB-5860 can be used to glue down paper and photos to keep in position while being coated (with an epoxy clear coat) and can be used to seal paper and other porous materials to prevent bubbles and keep them from darkening due to wetting when epoxy coating is applied. WB-5860 dries to a clear non-yellowing coating that is easily cleaned up with water.

Application Methods:

For Gluing:

Apply a thin coat on back of paper or photo and position on piece to be coated. Apply pressure on paper/photo until material sticks to surface making sure not to trap any air bubbles underneath. Allow to dry for 30 minutes if coating directly with one of RBC’s resins, otherwise proceed with sealing. Application can be done with brush, roller, or sponge.

For Sealing:

Apply a thin coat of RBC-5860 going in opposite directions to ensure complete coverage of the sealer. Make sure to seal the edges of the material to be coated to eliminate air-bubbles from forming. Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes before applying an RBC clear coat resin. Application can be done with brush, roller, or sponge.

For Coating:

Apply a thin coat with a brush, roller, sponge or spray. Can be thinned slightly with water as needed for spraying up to 10%. Multiple coatings can be applied. Allow 15 minutes dry time before applying additional coats.                    


Store between 45-85 degrees F; closed container.  Do Not Freeze.  Easy clean up with water.