WB-4000 Waterbased Adhesive

, Water-Based Systems

WB-4000 is a modified polyvinyl acetate emulsion which is formulated for indoor applications involving wood, paper, and fabric.   Product dries clear and forms a strong bond when used to adhere wood, paper, cloth, and other porous substrates.


Use this product as you would any waterbased type of adhesive/glue.  Do not subject substrates to temperatures above 110 degrees F.  For best results, allow several hours of dry time at room temperature.

Physical Properties:

Color as Supplied: Milky White
Color of Dried Film: Clear
Solid %, by weight: 50-52
Weight per Gallon:  9.09
pH: 4.0 –5.0
Volatile Solvent: None (water)
Viscosity, cps @ 25 deg.C: 3000-4000 cps
Set Time: 15-30 minutes
Shear Strength, psi: 300-3650 psi
Freeze thaw cycles: 6
Coverage, sq. ft./gallon: 200-300


KEEP FROM FREEZING.  Keep tightly covered when not in use.  Store at room temperature.