WB 273


WB 273 is an acrylic latex pressure sensitive adhesive. The material is solvent free and exhibits an excellent balance of peel, adhesion, quick stick, and cohesive shear strength. WB 273 has a high solids content and provides a cost effective alternative for many industrial bonding applications.
WB 273’s excellent flowability, leveling and low foaming properties make it ideal for high speed machine conditions.

Application Method Bond Range Service Temp Typical Applications
Spray Brush Rollcoat 

1 minute to 30 days 

*Longer periods of time between application of adhesive and fixture of the substrates will provide a higher degree of tack

-50 to 250F Boding: Paperstock, Corrugated box board, Fabric, Polypropylene seal tapes, Foams

For those applications where lower viscosity is desired, WB 273 can be thinned with a small amount of water. WB 273 is also available in a higher viscosity formula, WB 274.