WB-214 Ink Dauber

, Water-Based Systems


Mark parts easily and efficiently with our convenient, ready to use Paint Daubers. WB 214 waterbased marking ink provides a durable, permanent color marking on a wide variety of substrates including: Metal, Glass, Corrugated, Wood, and many types of Plastics. WB 214 Paint Daubers provide a clean, easy to use method of application and eliminates the need for messy brushes or stamps.

Paint Specifications:

  • Water based Acrylic                                       
  • Low Viscosity                                                 
  • Air Dry in less than 10 minutes
  • Non Hazardous, low in VOC’s
  • Vibrant, Opaque colors

Package Specifications:

  • 1 fluid ounce, LDPE Plastic bottle with foam applicator and cap.
Color Choices Closest Pantone Color Comparison
WB 214-3      White N/A
WB 214-2      Black  Process Black
WB 214-4      Yellow 114C
WB 214-9      Red 193C
WB 214-10    Blue 2783C
WB 214-19    Green 336C
WB 214-20    Orange 151C
WB 214-21    Purple 2597C
WB 214-23   Brown 4625C
WB 214-24    Pink 1905C

Directions for Use:  

Shake well before use. Place foam applicator on substrate and squeeze bottle gently to begin the flow of paint. Move dauber along surface to create the size/shape mark desired. Allow at least 10 minutes for tack free cure. ALWAYS keep tightly capped when not in use.