, Water-Based Systems


WB 204J is a clear, waterborne acrylic sealer.  It is excellent for use as a primer/undercoat on a variety of surfaces including; wood, masonry, metals and many plastics.  WB 204J may also be used as protective seal coating or top coat, providing a durable, clear finish with excellent moisture resistance.   This product meets current state and federal restrictions on VOC’s. 


  • Concrete & masonry wall primer
  • Pre sealing wood
  • Seals Paper, fabric and other porous surfaces
  • Seal coating for plastics including PVC


  • Dries tack free in about 15 minutes with full cure in 6 hours @ 70 F for fast processing.  Dry time may be accelerated with warm, dry circulated air @ 90F.
  • Low VOC level of 120 grams/liter or 1 lb/gallon meeting state and federal regulations.
  • Can be applied by conventional spraying equipment, brush or roller.
  • Does not string, thus providing uninterrupted use.
  • Easy water cleanup.
  • No ammonia odor.


  • Resin
  • Acrylic Base
  • Viscosity @ 25oC, cps: 150
  • Specific gravity @ 25oC: 1.02


Tough, durable, scratch resistant sealant. Exhibits non-crack finish with excellent adhesion to most substrates.


RBC resins are not known sensitizing materials, however, when in contact with bruised or lacerated skin, sensitization has been known to occur.  Avoid contact with skin.  In case of contact, wash with soap and water.  DO NOT FREEZE.  Keep tightly capped when not in use.