, Water-Based Systems


WB 204 is a clear waterborne acrylic air dry coating which provides a tough, scratch resistant, finish with excellent adhesion to most substrates. WB 204 has excellent moisture resistance, and is a viable alternative to solvent based coatings.  This product meets current state and federal restrictions on VOC’s.  It is also available in a full range of custom colors with gloss ranges from semi gloss to flat.


  • Factory floors
  • Concrete and masonry walls
  • Plastic toys, and sporting equipment
  • Paper, metal and fabric products
  • Decorative trims and finishes
  • Conformal coating


  • Dries tack free in less than 15 minutes.  Full cure in 6 hrs. @ 70F
  • Low VOC level of 120 grams/liter on 1 lb per gallon
  • Easily applied with conventional spray equipment, brush or roller
  • Easy water clean up


  • Resin Base
  • Acrylic Emulsion
  • Viscosity @ 25oC, cps:150-200 cps
  • Specific Gravity @ 25oC: 1.02
  • Color:Standard colors or custom available
  • Finishes:Semi-gloss to flat finishes


Store in tightly capped plastic containers.  DO NOT FREEZE.  Shelf life: 6 months.