UV 7016



RBC’s UV-7016 is a single component, rigid, photo-cure polymer which cures quickly when exposed to either blacklight or high intensity ultraviolet light.  This water clear liquid resin is ideal for decoupage applications on a variety of substrates including ceramic, glass, paper, porcelain, china and metals.  RBC’s UV-7016 resin is formulated with a slight degree of flexibility for superior abrasion and wear resistance, and imparts a high gloss, long lasting,  protective finish. 

Liquid Characteristics:

Resin Base: Urethane
Viscosity, Brookfield, cps @ 25 deg. C: 6,000-7,000 cps
Specific Gravity @ 25 deg. C: 1.12
Color: Clear

Cured Characteristics:

Hardness, Shore D: 60-65
Color: Clear

Curing Characteristics:

Light System Typical Cure Time
Blacklight (Minimum of four, 40 watt/ea. bulbs)
@ 2-4” from light
20-30 minutes
300 Watt/in. UV curing system, 365nm wavelength 1-2 seconds


Be sure that substrate is clean, dry and free of any oils.  Cut photograph or picture to appropriate size and affix to substrate with RBC-5860 sealer.  Press well to ensure a flush bond with surface.  Apply a thin coating of RBC-5860 sealer over the picture or photograph making sure to coat the edges as well.  Allow to air-dry for 30 minutes. Once completely dry, coat with UV-7016 letting material to flow to edges of piece. Expose coating to either black light or high intensity light according to schedule. Remove from light source and allow to cool.