UV 7014



UV-7014 is a single component, extremely flexible, high viscosity, water clear doming resin.  It produces high build, clear domes on paper, plastic, metal or wood in minutes, eliminating measuring and mixing, overnight curing and dust problems.


  • Metal and plastic key tags
  • Pen tops
  • Nameplates, labels & decals
  • Decorative wood boxes


The surface tension characteristic of UV-7014 is designed for easy dispensing onto the work piece with a minimum of runoff and bubbles.

Light System Typical Cure Time
Blacklight (Minimum of four, 40 watt/ea. bulbs)
@ 2-4” from light
20-30 minutes
300 Watt/in. UV curing system, 365nm wavelength 1-2 seconds


Be sure that substrate is clean, dry and free of any oils.  Cut photograph or picture to appropriate size and affix to substrate with RBC-5860 sealer.  Press well to ensure a flush bond with surface.  Apply a thin coating of RBC-5860 sealer over the picture or photograph making sure to coat the edges as well.  Allow to air-dry for 30 minutes.  Once completely dry, coat with UV-7014 letting material to flow to edges of piece.

Expose coating to either blacklight or high intensity light according to schedule. Remove from light source and allow to cool.


  • Single component thus no measuring and mixing
  • No pot life concerns – no waste
  • Easily dispensed manually or automatically to increase productivity
  • Reduces in process inventory allowing faster shipments

Liquid Characteristics

  • Resin – Aliphatic Urethane
  • Specific gravity – 1.1
  • Viscosity – 4000-5000 cps @ 77 deg. F.
  • Color – Water clear
  • Hardness Shore A – 80-85


RBC UV coatings are not common allergenic materials.  However, when used under conditions in which skin is continually bruised or lacerated, sensitization has been known to occur.  Contact with skin should be avoided.  In case of contact, wash with soap and water.


Store UV-7014  in its original containers, at 40 to 75 degrees F. away from light.  Do not return product to its original container.  Keep product tightly capped while in storage.


All technical data and information contained on this sheet are for comparison purposes only.  Actual values obtained may differ significantly from these listed due to variables beyond our control.  Contact the RBC representative or technical center for assistance and recommendations on specification limits on this product.