UV 4009 is a general purpose UV curable epoxy adhesive that cures rapidly when exposed to low intensity UV light.  UV 4009 provides an excellent bond on glass to glass and glass to metal applications, in addition to a variety of plastic substrates.


  • Cures in seconds to increase productivity and reduce in process inventory
  • Low intensity UV cure keeps parts cool and saves space
  • Process flexibility, cures only when exposed to UV light
  • One component, thus no mixing, no pot life, no costly waste
  • Thixotropic
  • 100% resin, no solvents
  • Temperature range of –30 to 250 F for a wide range of applications
  • Clear formulation for visual inspection of part
  • Tinting is available for special color code applications


Tensile strength: 3500psi
Elongation: 35%


Resin: Epoxy
Viscosity: Thixotropic
Specific gravity: 1.2
Color: Clear

Full cure (2 mil gap) 5 – 10 secs. @ 300 watts/in @ tuned wavelength

Store UV resin in original container at 40 – 75 deg. F.   KEEP AWAY FROM LIGHT.  Do not return to original container.  Keep container tightly closed when not in use.