RBC – 8026A is a single component, heat curable, urethane based putty.  The material is utilized in weight addition balancing applications which employ the use of manual armature balancing equipment.

RBC – 8026A offers a high specific gravity of 2.05 and has sufficient adhesion in it’s uncured state to allow an audit/check balance, prior to final curing.  Once applied, the material may be fully cured within 3-5 minutes at 300 degrees F or for 5-10 minutes at 250 degrees F.

RBC # 8029A performs well in high temperature (375-425 deg. F) applications and exhibits superior solvent resistance, including automotive fluids.

Typical Applications:

  • ABS Motors
  • Power Seat, window, and antenna motors
  • Fuel pump motors
  • Engine coolant fan motors
  • Heater blower motors


  • Single Component;  No mixing,  No waste
  • Fast, efficient cure with low temperature bake (15 minutes @ 250 deg. F,  5 minutes @ 300 deg. F)
  • Superior solvent and temperature resistance
  • No Chips, No cut wires, No performance loss (as may be experienced with weight removal techniques)

Physical Properties:

Physical Appearance: Single Component pliable putty
Color: Off White
Specific Gravity: 2.05

Cured Characteristics:

Solvent Resistance: Excellent
Temperature Resistance: 375-425 Deg F
Hardness, Shore D: 90-92 D
Moisture Resistance: Excellent

250 degrees F: 5-10 minutes
300 degrees F: 3-5  minutes


RBC products are not common allergenic materials, however when used under conditions in which skin is continually bruised or lacerated, sensitization has been known to occur.  Contact with skin should be avoided.  The use of gloves is recommended.  RBC # 8026-A should be stored in it’s original container at 40-75 degrees F.  Keep product tightly capped when not in use.


All technical information and data on this sheet are for comparison purposes only. Actual values may differ due to circumstances beyond our control. Keep product tightly sealed and away from light. Keep away from skin