RBC – 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive


RBC 5-Minute Epoxy Adhesive is a two-part clear, 100% solids, medium viscosity, system specifically designed to set in 3-5 minutes, at room temperature.  It is ideal for applications that require a quick bond.  This product exhibits excellent adhesion to glass, wood, and plastics.  In addition to traditional packaging, 5-Minute Epoxy Adhesive is available in a pre-measured field kit for quick, on-the-job repairs.

In addition, RBC also offers a wide selection of both filled and unfilled products with various cure times such as; 90 seconds, 20 minutes and 2 hours epoxy adhesives with the same performance and properties as the 5-Minute Epoxy Adhesive.


  • Fast Set Time in Thin Film
  • Excellent Low Temperature Cure
  • Resistance to Surface Bloom or Blush
  • Excellent Bond Strength
  • Low Toxicity


Mixed Viscosity @ 25oC,cps: 12,000 – 13,000
Shelf Life, (Closed Container @ 25oC): 12 Months


Color: Clear
Specific Gravity @ 25oC: 1.15
Hardness, Shore D, 24-hours: 80
Tack Free-Thin Film, minutes: 9         
Gel Time, minutes: 3 – 5
Tensile Strength @ 25oC, psi, 7-days, ASTM D 638: 7,600
Compressive Strength  @ 25oC, psi, 7-days, ASTM D 695: 9,800
Tensile Lap Sheer Strength, psi, ASTM D: 1002
Aluminum to Aluminum @ 25oC, 7-days: 3,200   
Steel to Steel @ 25oC, 7-days: 3,500


Mix one part 5-Minute Resin with one part 5-Minute Hardener by weight or by volume and mix thoroughly by hand for at least two minutes, or machine mix for at least one minute.  Be sure mixture is homogeneous to insure maximum bonding strengths.  When necessary, entrapped air may be removed by vacuum prior to use.

Mix Ratio of Resin to Hardener (by weight/by volume): 1 to 1  
Pot Life (100 grams @ 25o): 3 minutes        
Cure Schedule: 5 minutes @ 25oC