RBC-3215 Resin


RBC-3215 epoxy resin is a modified, low-viscosity epoxy resin offering excellent wettability and air release. It is used both as an epoxy adhesive and epoxy potting resin (epoxy potting compound). It exhibits high peel strength, excellent shock and vibration resistance. Cured properties can be varied with the amount of epoxy hardener used, allowing a wide range of resiliency. It is ideal for bonding materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion and in addition, it bonds well to nickel, aluminum, nylon, polypropylene, glass and wood. As a room temperature epoxy potting compound, it offers long pot life, low exotherm, and good thermal and mechanical shock resistance.


Mixed Viscosity @ 25oC, cps: 6,000
Pot Life, (100 grms. @ 25oC): 2 hours
Shelf Life, (closed Container @ 25oC): 12 months


Color: Light Amber
Specific Gravity @ 25oC: 1.07
Hardness, Shore D: 84 to 86
Linear Shrinkage, in./in.: 0.005
Moisture Absorption 10 Days @ 25oC, %: 0.55
Izod Impact Strength, ft. lbs./in. of notch: 1.35
Tensile Strength @ 25oC, psi: 9,300
Compressive Strength @ 25oC, psi: 11,500


Thermal Conductivity, cal/sec/cm2/oC/cm X 10-4: 5.2
Thermal Stability, 1000 Hrs. @ 175oC, % Wt. Loss: 1.20
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, in./in./oC X 10-6: 50
Heat Distortion Temperature, oC: 85
Operating Temperature Range, oC: -55 to 100


Volume Resistivity @ 25oC, ohm-cm: 8×1012
Dielectric Strength, volts/mil: 430
Dielectric Constant @ 25oC, 100 KC: 3.3
Dissipation Factor @ 25oC, 100 KC: 0.018

(Note: The above properties are typical of a semi-flexible cure cured for 1 hour @ 65oC followed by 1 hour @ 120oC.)


Weigh the desired amount of RBC-3215 Epoxy Resin into a clean containter and combine with AB-530 Epoxy Hardener in one of the ratios shown below. Mix thoroughly for a minimum of three (3) minutes by hand or one (1) minute by machine.

Rigid, Heat Resistnace: 100 parts RBC-3215, 50 parts Epoxy Hardener AB-530

Semi-Flexible, Impact and Shock Resistant:100 parts RBC-3215, 75 parts Epoxy Hardener AB-530

Flexible, Excellent Peel Strength:100 parts RBC-3215, 100 parts Epoxy Hardener AB-530


Pot life ranges from 1-3 hours depending upon batch size and hardener ratio. Cure for 72 hours at room temperature (25oC) or 2 hours at 65oC. For optimum properties, cure 1 hour at 65oC followed by 1 hour at 120oC.