New Line of Water Based Resins Validates RBC’s Commitment to the Environment

Warwick, RI – March 15, 2008 — Stricter EPA regulations, along with State and Federal guidelines on health and safety in the workplace, have prompted more and more manufacturers to discontinue the use of solvents and other hazardous materials and source alternative products which are both user friendly and environmentally safe. RBC Industries, a company who has long been at the forefront of creating and utilizing products with the well being of the environment in mind, recognized the need to provide our customers with such materials and announces the development of a complete line of waterborne products which are non-hazardous and low in VOC’s.

The new water based line covers a wide spectrum of products including: coatings, paints, sealants, marking inks, and pressure sensitive adhesives. These user-friendly, environmentally safe products were designed to offer high quality alternatives to today’s safety conscious manufacturer. The RBC line of waterborne products is currently being utilized in several markets including: automotive, industrial, medical, craft, and jewelry.

About RBC Industries
RBC Industries is one of the world’s fastest growing polymer formulators. Since its inception in 1976, RBC has become the premier epoxy resin manufacturer and is unparalleled in the formulation, manufacturing, dispensing and use of epoxy resins. RBC conducts business all over the world and offers a full line of standard formulations as well as the ability to custom formulate products utilizing a wide variety of polymers.

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