RBC Industries’ Hallemite floor and wall coating products comprise some of the most innovative polymer technology currently available.

All over the world customers choose to rely on state of the art Hallemite seamless flooring and coating systems to protect, beautify and restore commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.

We have numerous installers we regularly work with to install all Hallemite products. 

Hallemite products meet or exceed FDA, USDA, DEP and OSHA standards.

Specialty Systems‚Äč

  • Fluidproof and Reflective Crack Filling and Suppressing membranes
  • Conductive And Dielectric Systems
  • Economical Underlayment
  • Slope-to-Draine Systems

State Of The Art Technology

  • Odorless & Solventless Systems
  • Coatings Hide at 10mils
  • Heavy-Duty Mortar Binders
  • Ultimate Skid-Resistance
  • Fantastic Chemical Resistance

Cost (Economical to Premium)

  • Coating Systems
  • Broadcast Systems
  • Slurry Broadcast Systems
  • Mortar Systems
  • Terrazzo Systems

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Hallemite flooring and wall coating products are vastly superior from a cost benefit, appearance and durability criteria to alternative methods of flooring, such as carpet, vinyl and tile.