Thermally Conductive

RBC Industries’ line of thermally conductive epoxy resins includes some of the most advanced epoxy systems available today. Our standard line offers products that can be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperatures or we can custom formulate to meet any specific project need

Of course the key to our thermally conductive materials is the fact that each of these epoxy systems provide excellent electrical insulation, prevent heat distortion and offer low shrinkage. Whether you need a material to be used as an adhesive, as a heat sink for large castings or as an encapsulant for heat generating components, RBC Industries offers the premiere line of thermal management resins.

Over the past thirty-seven years RBC has formulated some of the world’s finest thermally conductive epoxies for potting and encaspulating. With your technology on the line it would be unthinkable to use a material that you cannot trust. From the smallest pieces to the largest ballasts, when thermal management is a priority, RBC is the name that the electronics, electrical, automotive and aerospace industries trust to protect, insulate or simply hide their most precious components.

Thermally Conductive Materials

NameDescriptionPot LifeMixed Viscosity (cps)
Thermal Conductivity cal/sec/cm2/°C/cm*10-4
Operating Temperature Range (°C)UL Listed
RBC-4300 Resin

Black, low viscosity version of #4100. Available in thixotropic version #4310.

5 hours1,40029.7-55 to 130No
RBC-4500 Resin

RBC-4500 is a fire retardant version of RBC-4400 Resin. It is a medium viscosity, filled, thermally conductive resin which exhibits excellent adhesive properties making it useful for bonding thermally conductive, and heat generating components.

5 hours13,00025.0-65 to 155No
RBC-4501 Resin

Black, lower viscosity, multi-purpose potting system. Meets flammability requirements for UL94V-O.

3 hours9,50030.0-65 to 130Yes
RBC-4503 Resin

Black, low viscosity, multi-purpose potting system. Meets flammability requirements for UL94V-O.

3 hours3,30027.3-65 to 130Yes
RBC-4800 Resin

Grey, medium viscosity resin offering low shrinkage, good machinability and excellent air release.

2 hours12,00020.0-65 to 165No

The products listed in this chart constitute just some of the products in our standard line, additional products may be found in our Resources Section. In addition, samples are readily available upon request. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our technical staff can also work with you to create a custom formulation to meet your specific requirements. If you have any additional questions or require any samples, please fill out our Online Information Request Form and someone from our staff will get back to you right away.