B&G Shore Products – A Custom Adhesive Design Project

When Gregg Maitlin of B&G Shore Products set out to create The Harpoon®, a design your own fishing hook kit, he contacted RBC Industries to develop a special epoxy adhesive to complete the project. The Harpoon is a stem-hook custom rigging system which when fastened to a standard fishing hook allows for instant attachment of live or dead bait. Maitlin wanted to fabricate the kit so that fishing enthusiasts could design their own customized stem hook rigging system right in the field. In order to accomplish that, it was important that the adhesive required to join the harpoon barb and the hook cure very quickly while providing a strong, resilient bond. The consistency of the adhesive needed to be formulated so that the material could be easily applied without drips or sags. In order to give the kit more of a designer look, Maitlin requested that the adhesive be formulated in several nautically themed colors.

RBC’s research and development lab went to work on the project, and after a few minor adjustments, formulated a superior epoxy based adhesive system which successfully met all of the criteria for Maitlin’s kit. The two component adhesive, which was formulated in 4 designer colors, cures in 8 minutes and forms the tenacious bond required for the success of this manufacturer’s program. RBC is pleased to announce the acceptance of our customized adhesive system as an integral component of the Harpoon® kit by B&G Shore Products. RBC’s commitment to excellence in quality and performance will no doubt enhance the overall success of this new product line.

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