About Us

About Us

RBC Industries, Inc. (RBC) is a manufacturer of standard and custom epoxy, polyester, silicone, urethane, UV curable and waterbased polymer systems. RBC Industries specializes in epoxies for decorative, protective, electronic and industrial applications. The Hallemite Product Line (formerly Hallemite, a division of RBC Industries, Inc.) is a collection of high-technology epoxies and urethanes for both heavy duty and light construction applications, as well as decorative, industrial and electric seamless epoxy floors.

At the present time RBC Industries, Inc. is a privately held corporation. Despite requests, financial statements are currently not made available to the public. Any request for such information can not be honered.

RBC History


RBC Industries, Inc. is founded by Richard Cleveland and Chemical Engineer, Kay Duckworth Jr. Located on the 3rd floor of a warehouse/office building at 25 Holden Street in Providence (Rhode Island), the epoxy resin manufacturer has just 3 employees and takes up only 5,000 sq.ft.


RBC continues to hire additional employees and lease additional space in the 25 Holden Street facility.


RBC completes the purchase of Ohio based epoxy flooring manufacturer Hallemite. Interchem, under the direction of Kay Duckworth Jr. and Richard Cleveland, is established as the parent company of both RBC Industries and Hallemite. Interchem hires and relocates key Hallemite personnel to the 25 Holden Street plant and leases additional space to house new equipment and employees.



Interchem continues to add new employees and space, as both RBC and Hallemite thrive. RBC sees much of its new business coming from the Industrial and Electronics Divisions, however the Decorative Division, in particular the costume jewelry products for which Rhode Island is considered the World capital, continues to be the company's largest revenue contributor.


Howard Devine purchases Richard Cleveland's Interchem shares. Shortly thereafter, the Interchem name is dissolved and Hallemite is re-established as a division of RBC Industries, Inc. Kay Duckworth is named President/CEO and Howard Devine is named Vice-President of RBC Industries, Inc. 

RBC moves to a new facility at 28 Alhambra Road in Warwick (Rhode Island). RBC's new 15,000 sq.ft. facility houses the office staff on the 2nd floor and more modern shipping, manufacturing and laboratory facilities on the 1st floor.


RBC wins the prestigious Manufacturer Jewelers and Silversmiths Association Best of Show and Best New Product awards at the annual MJSA Expo. At the MJSA Expo, the "RBC for the 90s" logo is introduced as the new image of the Decorative Division.


Once again RBC outgrows its factory/office space and is forced to move to its second new facility in five years. Located at 80 Cypress Street in Warwick (Rhode Island), the new 35,000 sq.ft. facility houses the manufacturing, shipping, customer service and administrative departments on one level.


RBC wins prestigious Manufacturer Jewelers and Silversmiths Association Best of Show and Best Service awards at the annual MJSA Expo.


RBC completes the purchase of the Decorative Division of one of its chief competitors, Polychem Corporation, also located in Rhode Island. RBC hires the entire Polychem decorative manufacturing team and sells the Polychem products under the RBC Industries banner.

RBC makes its first venture onto the Internet with a small website hi-lighting the products, services and support offered by the Industrial and Electronics Divisions.



RBC undergoes a renovation project that includes the development of new storage facilities, updates of current manufacturing facilities and completion of a new laboratory for research and development. RBC also makes significant manufacturing equipment purchases that greatly increase productivity, product uniformity and production/delivery time. In addition, RBC completely overhauls its computer servers, systems and production/accounting software systems.


Through a project known as "Corporate Facelift", RBC develops a new corporate logo, advertising package, mission and vision statements as well as updates its overall business philosophy. The "original" RBC logo and the "RBC for the 90s" logos are retired. The RBC "globe logo", which properly illustrates the global success that the company has achieved, is introduced in June.


RBC completes the purchase of Polychem Corporation. This purchase includes all manufacturing equipment, raw materials, supplies and lab equipment which make up the successful industrial and electronic polymer and in particular waterbase, uv curable and epoxy resin manufacturer. RBC moves all of the Polychem staff, including Polychem President and Chief Chemist William Killen, to the Cypress Street facility.

RBC introduces its new corporate website. This new site gives customers and potential customers a direct route to quick and easy gathering of information regarding products, education and corporate endeavors. This new website is the final stage of "Corporate Facelift" and will be one of the keys to future global success and expansion.