Potting & Encapsulating

RBC Industries' line of products for potting and encapsulating includes epoxy resins and silicone rubbers. We offer a full-line of standard formulations or we can custom formulate to meet any specific project need. All of our potting and encapsulating products have their own unique characteristics and our staff will be happy to work with you to determine which system will best meet your specifications. Some of these potting and encapsulating systems have been formulated for ease of repairability; some with high peel strength in-mind; some stress shock and vibration resistance ; some focus on thermal properties; while others have been formulated to meet the overall needs of specific applications, such as impregnating and/or potting and encapsulating transformers, coils and other electrical components.

Over the past thirty-seven years RBC has formulated some of the world's finest epoxies and silicones for potting and encapsulating. With your technology on the line it would be unthinkable to use a material that you cannot trust. From the smallest pieces to the largest ballasts, RBC is the name that the electronics, electrical, automotive and aerospace industries trust to protect, insulate or simply hide their most precious components.


Product Number Description Pot Life Mixed Viscosity, CPS Hardness, Shore D Operating Temp Range, C
RBC - 3100
Clear, medium viscosity, general purpose epoxy potting compound
3hrs. 1,500 92 -55 to 140
RBC - 3200 Clear, low viscosity, general purpose epoxy potting compound with improved air release and impact resistance 3hrs.  300 90 -55 to 130
RBC - 3300 Black, medium viscosity, high temperature epoxy offering low shrinkage, excellent electrical and physical properties 4hrs 3,600 90 -55 to 155
RBC - 3400 Black, low viscosity, high temperature epoxy offering improved air release and wetting for potting densely packed components 4hrs 2,900 85 -55 to 150
RBC - 3500 Black, medium viscosity, high temperature epoxy resin offering very low shrinkage and good machinability 4hrs 4,400 90 -65 to 155
RBC - 3600 Black, low viscosity, low density resin for lightweight castings. Available in thixotropic versin 3610 4hrs 1,300 80 -55 to 140
RBC - 3700 Translucent, low viscosity, semi-flexible, high temp epoxy potting compound with excellent shock resistance and electrical properties 3 wks. 4,500 60 -65 to 155
RBC - 3710 Mocha, high viscosity version of #3700 with improved physical properties. Available in thixotropic version #3720 3 wks. 20,000 65 -65 to 155
RBC - 3800 Translucent, low viscosity, semi-flexible epoxy potting compound with excellent impact and thermal shock resistance 1 week 3,500 55 -65 to 130
RBC - 3810 Cream, medium viscosity, semi-flexible version of #3800 with improved physical properties & lower shrinkage. Available in thixotropic version #3820 1 week 10,000 65 -65 to 130
RBC - 3900 Black, low viscosity, low cost, general purpose epoxy potting compound. Available in filled version #3910 60 mins. 1,000 83 -50 to 130

(Note: The properties listed were determined using the recommended hardener. Other hardeners can be used with these products to obtain other properties. Consult individual data sheets and/or hardener chart for information. All tests were performed at 25 degrees C unless otherwise stated.)

The products listed in this chart constitute just some of the products in our standard line, additional products may be found in our Technical Data Sheets & Publications section. In addition, samples are readily available upon request. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our technical staff can also work with you to create a custom formulation to meet your specific requirements.

If you have any additional questions or require any samples, please fill out our Online Information Request Form and someone from our staff will get back to you right away.