Resin Gel Time Cure Schedule Color Applications
457-C 18 mins. 25-30 mins. Water Clear
Lower viscosity version of 458-C.  Flows into mold crevices easier. Allows for excellent air release. Slightly slower gel time and cure schedule.
458-C 15 mins. 20-25 mins. Water Clear 458-C is an aqua clear resin which is used in open-mold (static) pour casting.  It is recommended for clear casting, or where embedment is to be placed.
460-C 3 mins. 10 mins. Filled A filled and promoted, open pour casting resin to be used where there is a large surface area. Virtually eliminates shrinkage with casting larger pieces. Can only be used with opaque colors. 
477-C 15 mins. 20-25 mins. Water Clear Flexibilized version of 458-C.  Allows for optimum optical clarity with some flex.
498-C 4-5 mins. 5-6 mins.  Water Clear 498-C should be used when spin casting water clear and transparent colored parts.  Uses:  Birthstones and other transparent imitation stones, embedded fishing lures, and imitation glass parts.


RBC can provide any of the above resins in clear, or we can  custom color match to your specifications.


RBC has a full line of polyester resins for use in open-pour and spin casting.  Use our polyester resins to create jewelry pieces, fishing lures, plaques, pearls, imitation scrimshaw, belt buckles, and many different combinations of 3-dimensional pieces.