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Water-Based Systems

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RBC Industries is committed to formulating safer, environmentally friendly products.  Our waterbased line of resins are environmentally safe and are low in VOC's.   RBC's  commitment to quality and a safer environment have driven us to formulate exceptional products for a diverse number of applications.  Our waterbased systems are used as adhesives, inks, and coatings in many industrial markets such as aerospace, automotive, marine and medical.


WB-214 Waterbased Marking Ink

Mark parts easily and efficiently with our convenient, ready to use Paint Daubers.  WB-214 waterbased marking ink provides a durable, permanent color marking on a wide variety of substrates and is easily applied with a hand held dauber. 

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WB-204J- Waterbased Sealer

WB 204J is a clear, waterbased acrylic sealer.  It is excellent for use as a primer/undercoat on a variety of surfaces including; wood, masonry, metals and many plastics.

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WB-214-C-OB  Invisible Marking Ink

RBC’s WB214-C-OB is a specially formulated water based acrylic marking ink which is visible only under long wave UV light (ie: black light)   Perfect for retail stores, manufacturing processes, quality control, retail, and covert code marking applications.

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WB-2100M Low Temperature Heat Cure Marking Ink

WB2100M is a waterborne acrylic marking ink available in a wide range of standard colors.   This non-flammable resin meets current state and federal regulations for VOC emissions.  Low temperature bake process for permanent marking and color coding applications.  Easy application with spray, dip, brush or stamp.  Warm water cleanup.

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WB-2040 Room Temperature Cure Marking Ink

WB 2040-M is a non-hazardous, solvent free, waterbased marking ink which is low in VOC’s.  This fast drying, permanent ink is available in 12 standard colors with custom colors available upon request.  Fast, efficient room temperature cure with superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

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WB-154-PS Heat Cure Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

WB-154-PS is a waterbased acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive which exhibits a high degree of wet  tack and superior adhesion to a variety of surfaces including hardwoods, plywood, glass, high pressure laminates, particle board, fabrics and metals.

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WB-203E Marking Ink

WB 203-E is a low VOC, non-hazardous, waterbased marking ink.  This fast drying, permanent ink is available in a variety of standard colors with custom colors available upon request.  Superior adhesion to metal and glass substrates.

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WB-204 Waterbased Coating

WB 204 is a clear waterborne acrylic air dry coating which provides a tough, scratch resistant finish with excellent adhesion to most substrates. WB 204 has superior moisture resistance, and is a viable alternative to solvent based coatings.

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WB-900 Heat Cure Acrylic Coating

WB 900 is a low viscosity, high gloss, water-based acrylic coating suitable for spray, brush, or dip applications.  The material exhibits superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including:  Metals, Ceramic, Glass, and many plastics

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WB-3000  Waterbased Screen Printing Ink

WB 3000 is a waterbased acrylic screen printing ink for use on metals, paper, wood, glass, fabric and many plastics.  It’s superior adhesion and fast dry properties make this product an excellent candidate for a wide variety of screen printing applications.

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WB-5860 Waterbased Sealer

WB-5860 is a safe, new water-based acrylic sealer/glue designed to both protect and seal most substrates including  wood, prints, photo’s, newspaper, plastics, fabrics, silk flowers, puzzles, etc

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WB-4000 Waterbased Adhesive

WB-4000 is a modified polyvinyl acetate emulsion which is formulated for indoor applications involving wood, paper, and fabric.   Product dries clear and forms a strong bond when used to adhere wood, paper, cloth, and other porous substrates.

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WB-A-101 Waterbased Repositionable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

WB-A-101 is a waterbased, pressure sensitive adhesive which has been specially formulated for repeated applications and removals, allowing effective repositioning of substrates

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WB-273 Waterbased Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

WB 273 is an acrylic latex pressure sensitive adhesive.  The material is solvent free and exhibits an excellent balance of peel, adhesion, quick stick, and cohesive shear strength

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WB-595 Waterbased Stop-Off Coating

WB-595 is a low viscosity, water-based acrylic coating suitable for spray, brush, or dip applications.  The material exhibits superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including:  Metals, Ceramic, Glass, and many plastics,  providing an electrically resistant coating to areas which do not need to be plated.

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