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RBC-3400FR Technical Data Sheet

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RBC-3400 FR is a low viscosity, UL listed epoxy for 94 V-O flame retardency. It is designed for applications where thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation, high heat distortion and superior thermal shock properties are required.  RBC-3400 FR can be cured at room temperature or elevated temperature to fit a variety of applications. It can be used as a heat sink for large castings or as an encapsulant for heat generating components.



Mixed Viscosity @ 25oC,cps                                                                              6,600

Shelf Life, (closed Container @ 25oC)                                                           12 Months



Color                                                                                                                      Black/any

Specific Gravity @ 25oC                                                                                     1.48

Hardness, Shore D                                                                                             88

Linear Shrinkage, in./in.                                                                                      0.003

Moisture Absorption 24 hr. @25 oC, %                                                            0.23

Izod Impact Strength, ft. lbs./in. of notch                                                           0.27

Tensile Strength @ 25oC, psi                                                                            8,375

Compressive Strength  @ 25oC, psi                                                              19,320



Thermal Conductivity, cal/sec/cm2/oC/cm X 10-4                                           27.3

Thermal Stability, 1000 Hrs. @ 175oC, % Wt. Loss                                      0.35

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, in./in./oC X 10-6                                       27

Heat Distortion Temperature, oC                                                                     125

Operating Temperature Range, oC                                                                -65 to 130



Volume Resistivity  @ 25oC, ohm-cm                                                             5x1016

Dielectric Strength, volts/mil                                                                              480

Dielectric Constant @ 25oC, 100 KC                                                               5.7

Dissipation Factor @ 25oC, 100 KC                                                                0.018


The above properties are typical of a system cured with Hardener AB-312




AB-56        A fast, room temperature curing system with good chemical and thermal properties.


A-121        A resilient, low viscosity system with slightly longer pot life, that exhibits excellent

                 resistance to thermal shock.

AB-312     Good resistance to heat, chemicals, thermal and mechanical shock, and good     electrical properties at high humidity.



MIXING INSTRUCTIONS:  Weigh the desired amount of RBC-3400 FR into a clean container and combine with recommended hardener in the proper ratio as shown below.


Hardener              Parts by wt.                                    Pot Life per

                           per 100 pts. resin                          100 grms. @ 25oC.


AB-56                           20.0                                        1 Hour


A-121                           12.0                                         3 Hours


AB-312                        13.0                                           2 Hours           





HARDENER      CURE@25OC     CURE@65OC            CURE@100OC        CURE@130OC

AB-56                   24 Hrs.              1 Hr.                                ---                           ---                           


A-121                   24 Hrs.              3 Hrs.                         2 Hrs.                     1 Hr.


AB-312                   ---                     3 Hrs.                          2 Hrs.                       1 Hr.















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